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Community Budgets


Community Budgets will create better public services by bringing together all local priorities and public money so agencies can find the right solutions to issues in their area in a new and co-ordinated way.

A Community Budget gives local public service partners the freedom to work together to redesign services around the needs of citizens, improving outcomes and reducing duplication and waste.
For more information on the government’s plans for Community Budgets and related publications and downloads, visit the Communities and Local Government website.

Our Community Based Budgets work is rooted in the same key principles as the Total Place work undertaken in 2009/10, namely:


  • A shared vision for Birmingham’s future and agreed strategic outcomes as laid out in the city’s sustainable community strategy, Vision 2026
  • Prevention is better than cure – focus on stopping problems happening in the first place rather than having to deal withthe consequences
  • Making funding decisions based on robust needs assessments and evidence of cost effectiveness
  • Strong partnership working and sharing of resources across organisational boundaries
  • Working with citizens to design and deliver better quality, better value services

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