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Low Waste Partnership

Low Waste Partnership

The Low Waste Partnership is responsible for part of Outcome 5 and NI 191. It coordinates effort to minimise waste sent to landfill, and increase domestic and commercial recycling and reuse of materials.

Chairman: Kevin Mitchell; Head of Fleet and Waste Management, Birmingham City Council

Membership consists of representatives of Advantage West Midlands, Birmingham City Council, CSV Environment, Ladywood Furniture Project, the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme, Summerfield Residents’ Association and Urban Mines.

In 2008-09 The Low Waste Partnership supported initiatives, such as Be Resourceful, to complement the extension of Birmingham City Council’s recycling collection service.

Birmingham City Council’s recycling collection services were extended to reach a further 60,000 homes, such as multi-storey apartments, that had previously been difficult to reach. Collection of garden waste in winter was also increased from a monthly to a fortnightly service.

These increased services have had a positive impact on reducing the levels of waste in Birmingham: 

  • 31% of household waste was reused, recycled or composted, exceeding the target of 29%
  • 14% of municipal waste was sent to landfill, beating the target of 15%
  • In total, 15,149 tonnes of CO2 were saved by a reduction in waste and an increase in recycling

The Total Waste Strategy report is now available. Please click on the image below to view the interactive PDF.

                                     Image: Front Page of Total Waste Strategy

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